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Friends of Noise

Supporting creative youth in Portland through all ages concerts, workshops, and experience navigating the music scene.

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Why Partner with Us?

Partnering with Friends of Noise means more than giving youth access to collective and instectional action, it also means that youth can curate from our wide array of youth focused organizations the path that they want to pursue. We can not operate in a scarcity paradigm so we must acknowledge that the youth we work with are not ours. Our goal is to present to them as many opportunities as possible so that they may make informed choices about where they want to go.

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What Our Partners Say

The folks at Friends of Noise sound services are communicative, knowledgeable, and accommodating. Whether it’s a small PA set-up for an intimate acoustic show or a full-on dance party with youth DJs and bands, we can always count on FoN to provide a great sounding experience for our guests. DISJECTA has worked with Andre and his crew for years now, and we hope to continue to do so for many more to come! We highly recommend Friends of Noise for all types of programming.

– Dustin Williams • Disjecta

Featured Partners

Beyond Black 

Provided live event sound and youth artists for “Juneteenth” 2019 celebration.

The Boedecker Foundation 

Co Produced How to Make Merchandise workshops during Spring break and Summer of 2019


Boys and Girls Club of Portland

Provided Ableton beat-making workshops during spring break and summer of 2019


Working together to create safer sapces for BIPOC youth to gain strength via vulnerable self expression at our Ya Heard Open Mics

Young Audiences of OR & SW WA 

Partnering to produce Live SET (Sound Engineering for Teens)

Oregon Contemporary

Our ongoing partnership means access to venue space for FoN and A/V services for Ox

Freedom to Thrive – Provided live event sound and youth artists for “Night Out For Safety and Liberation” event.

Friends of the Children – Provided youth artists for their Black History Month celebration 2019.

Home Forward – Taught four Ableton workshops and produced four all-ages concerts at Stephens Creek Crossing.

I Heart Rockwood – Supplied their festival with youth artists.

IPRC – Provided live event sound and youth DJ’s for their events.

IRCO – Provided live event services for their 2018 annual fundraiser and 2019 World Refugee Day celebration.

Metropolitan Youth Symphony Jazz Ensemble – A friend and ally.

MusicPortland – A friend and ally.

My Voice Music – A friend and ally.

Oregon Public House – Provided them with youth music artists for monthly showcases.

Oregon Walks – Provided live event services and youth artists.

PDX POP NOW – A friend and ally, curated youth showcase in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Portland Art Museum – Supplied youth artists to Reconstruct Monuments Exhibition. 

Portland Farmers Market – FoN supplied youth musicians for their Market Music Stage

Portland Harbor Community Coalition – Provided sound services.

Portland Parks and Recreation – Taught Summer camp workshops and Curated Summer Free-For-All Concerts

Rosewood Initiative – Our friend and ally.

YGB Portland – Our friend and ally.

Young Audiences of OR & SW WA – Our friend and ally. – Our friend and ally, Friends of Noise Presents radio show.

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