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Supporting creative youth in Portland through all-ages concerts, workshops, and experience navigating the music scene.


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Friends of Noise

Supporting creative youth in Portland through all ages concerts, workshops, and experience navigating the music scene.

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My name is Turner Williams and I have been playing in the Portland area for the majority of my life. I fell in love with music at a young age and have been trying to play as much as I can whenever I can. I love jazz, funk, soul and pop music but jazz holds a special place in my heart. My goal with music is to play in a way that inspires the audience the way that music inspires me. Music makes me feel like life is everlasting, it makes me feel like there’s no evil in the world. It’s a much needed escape for when life is beating you on the back. Music is without a doubt my first love and I want to create a type of music with other that makes everyone listening feel good and forget the pain around them even if it’s just for a second.


The Pigeon and The People

Don’t feed the Pigeon



Lily Baker

I’m Lily. I want people to relate to my music and feel something. Be comfortable with who they are. Some of my songs are about my personal experiences in life.




I like to make music about my life and how i’m feeling, how i observe the world. I kind of sound like Radiohead. my music is inspired by grunge rock and indie rock



J Prodigy

J Prodigy is a 10 year old rapper born and raised in Portland, OR. At the young age of 3 years old, she began freestyle rapping whenever a beat was played. She performed at the annual PDX Pop Now Music Festival of 2019. She performed at the My Peoples Market event presented by Travel Portland and Prosper Portland, which is aimed to advance opportunities for business owners of color. J Prodigy released her first single “My Way” on Soundcloud which received over 400+ plays.

Growing Pains

Growing Pains are an indie rock band that formed in the summer of 2018, when they were all juniors in high school. They formed a strong bond and started writing songs influenced by Joyce Manor and other emo bands. Since we met we’ve been writing and working on our debut album Heaven Spots which we recorded last summer at Echo Hill Studios in our hometown of Portland, Oregon.


MYKL is based in Portland, OR USA. He is a college student from the impoverished areas of the south Bronx in New York City with an eye towards success in the music industry. MYKL is open about his previous battles with anxiety and depression and music has always been an outlet for him. He wants to be in a place where he is able to take care of his family and give back to the community. He hopes to create music that will connect with millions of people across the world who are just like him. MYKL is dedicated to his music and works tirelessly to achieve musical excellence. Despite only having one finished product, MYKL is willing to put in the work to become a successful mainstream artist and is working everyday on his music. His latest single “SEE YOU IN HELL” has already earned over 21,000 streams on Spotify and he received no support in promoting or advertising his music. Not bad for an independent artist. MYKL won’t give up on his dreams. “when I was younger I always had this vision of a boy performing in front of thousands of people but I could never see his face, but I knew in my gut it was me” -MYKL. Some of MYKL’s inspirations are Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar, Notorious B.I.G and Michael Jackson. His favorite quote is “study the greats and become greater” by Michael Jackson. Due to MYKL’s drive, passion for music, heartfelt story, and hard work, there is no doubt that he will achieve mainstream success. MYKL is the next big thing.



Jolly Wrapper

Jolly Wrapper, that’s “Wrapper” with a “W”! is a Portland-based musical performer, spoken word poet and visual artist. His work often draws inspiration from personal experiences, interests, people, systems, and social injustices, which he has encountered and observed throughout his life. Although not confined to any one particular genre of music, his most popular songs usually consist of Hip-Hop Rap and Bedroom-Pop.

Aside from performing poetry and making music, he also loves filming music videos, doing photography, producing beats, drawing, painting, designing and sewing custom clothes, writing and illustrating children’s books, mentoring youth, and facilitating social justice events. He also enjoys metal detecting, collecting coins, polishing rocks, and his favorite snack is cilantro! His biggest strengths are being creative and problem-solving. Through art and self-expression, he will change the world. Support him and he’ll support you!
When asked how he’s feeling he hit us with his famous catchphrase,
“I’m Feelin’ Jolly!”

Gus Jeffers

Gus is a 13 year old singer, songwriter, producer, musician, and artist. His first EP dropped this past June 2023 on his 13th birthday and is a compilation of some of his own original songs as well as a few viral covers he did. His 2nd EP is dropping one single at a time starting Jan 2024 through May 2024. Gus has been performing all over Portland both solo and with popular local bands/acts like HitMachine and Michael Allen Harrison. He has also hit up many of the independent radio stations for air time and/or interviews. In addition, Gus has sung a few times on Everyday NW and is already booking performances for Spring and Summer 2024. Gus will be in the studio this April to record his 3rd project for release this summer 2024. Gus is a passionate young man who has decided this career path at an early age and is truly dedicated to his craft. 


She is a visionary with a sound that is as complex and original as she is. Sheyana is a young aspiring singer who conveys her mind and feelings through music. Having a love for RnB and old-school soul, along with funky and more experimental sounds, her artistry knows no bounds or restraint and is ever expanding. She is a Portland-based singer with a dream to make music for other black girls like her; that don’t fit into boxes, are unapologetically themselves, and love a good harmony.


My name is SAINT JAMESON. Im from Phoenix, Arizona and I moved out here when I was 13. Ive been doing music since I was 8 and it’s what I wanna do with my life. I plan to sell out arenas. I try to make human music for human people and convey emotions people can relate to. Honestly Im just tryna make my mom proud.


Mei Anna

Hey! I’m Mei (pronounced like the month), I’m a senior at Grant High School and I love to make music! I sing Alt Country, play guitar, and I’m probably shorter than you… 



Hi! My name is Rena Marthaler, I am a 16 year old musician and performer based in Portland, Oregon. I have been playing guitar and piano for about 10 years and singing along the whole time. I began writing music when I was little, but never had the confidence to continue a song or try to advance my music until high school. I released my first solo single “Ghost Girl” October 13th of 2020. I am passionate about connecting with other youth musicians, and creating a safe space for all people to enjoy and create together.

Instagram    Linktree    Website 

Nicacia Smith

Hello I’m Nicacia Smith and Im 19 years old I grew up in the dhs system and music has always been my inspiration. Some people say I sound like Tate Mcrae or Olivia Rodrigo or Taylor Swift and I’ve been writing music since 1st grade. When I was 2 I used to rap so I guess I’ve always had a passion and a place in my heart for music.

Instagram  YouTube

Wavey Josef

Wavy Josef is a producer, composer, and songwriter. At the age of 20, he has already worked with both aspiring and established artists globally, and has performed at various high profile venues, art galleries and protest rallies alike. He continues to seek upward movement and a far-reaching vision for his artistry.

As a producer and engineer, Wav blends sounds from various genres such as Electronica, R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop to create a sonic environment that invites the listeners into the dimension of his conception. A poet at heart, Wav provides a dialogue in his writing that provokes grand emotion, vulnerability, and introspection. He makes music to “fill a void”, and songs he thinks his favorite artists would make if they “dipped into different vibes or went a different direction”. His influences include Lalah Hathaway, Quincy Jones, T-Pain and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

Instagram   Soundcloud 

Gort and Caretaker

My name is Maxx Karales, Gort and Caretaker was a solo recording act turned live band with my dad, brother and our friend. Our music is a mix of autobiographical sob stories and science fiction rock opera. Heavily inspired by alternative indie, noise and 90s metal, we strive to combine vibes and tropes of all sorts of music to turn into our own. We try to use our songs as a message of self reflection and acceptance through the lense of a down on their luck narrator attempting to make it through the night. We hope you enjoy the music! (Gort and Caretaker on all streaming)

Instagram  Spotify

Orion Rentz

I am Orion a 19 year old versatile musician. I sound explicitly like myself but if one is armed with musical knowledge they could detect references to old 90s rap artists and modern rap musical influences. My originality is my defining trait through my use of lyrice, punchlines and flows. The spectrum/scope of my versatility and an idea of what you will hear can be found in rappers as old as Slick Rick, Big L, Micheal Jackson, or as new as Future, Bones, and the band Salvia Plath.


Rei Deora

We are Rei Deora, we have 4 members consisting of Adam Nua, Elizabeth Young, Michael Bell, and Forrest Power. We are a pop group and we all write songs that we all produce on our own as well. Everything is recorded in my bedroom. We are a Pop band and everyone is the executive producer and head songwriter of their own song, much like The Beatles, so each individual has a different way of songwriting and overall mission statement for their songs. We’d like to think we don’t sound a whole lot like other artists, but we have been told we sound like STRFKR, and Glass Animals.

Instagram  Website Youtube  Bandcamp  Linktree

Joyce Tratnyek

Joyce is a 15-year-old songwriter, singer, pianist, guitarist, mandolinist, and ukulele player. Her music is a lyrically-driven mix of folk and pop, driven by her belief that music can bring social change and promote love and equality.

Instagram   Facebook  Youtube  Soundcloud


We are 2 teenagers from Salem OR trying to make music and have fun while doing it. We are punk but have many influences outside of punk.

Instagram   YouTube

The Sleepy Haunts

An all girl band located in the Pacific Northwest, the Sleepy Haunts is compromised of college freshman, Gillian McMahon, and high school senior, Elizabeth Dupuis, who met at School of Rock. Inspired by the likes of beabadoobee and Paramore, they like to write songs about their lives as girls in the 21st century.

Instagram    Website


We’re a 3-man band, playing alt-hard rock, but we’re blazing our own path in music and creating a new sound. Drawing inspiration from hard rock, metal, jazz, electronic, and shoegaze, our goal is to break barriers, spread joy, and have fun.

Instagram   Soundcloud   YouTube   Website

Lil B

Name’s Lil b. I’m trying to express my feelings through my music and to let people know that everything is ok. Trying to spread my story in hope that people who are going through similar situations will know that they are not alone.

Instagram    Soundcloud

Jordan Baroni

Jordan Baroni is a musician residing in Portland Oregon that aims to inspire and bring hope to those in recovery. Being in recovery himself, he understands and relates to those that have survived addictions and still battle to overcome its temptations.

Aside from music being a positive outlet for Baroni, he believes that music has helped him stay in touch with reality and aims to create a tangible experience for those that listen to him.


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All Ages. Always.

Friends of Noise is a non-profit organization built on the values of collectivism and restorative justice. We seek to transform the culture of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ youth access to the music industry.

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